Darkest Shadow

As I lay small beneath the shadow
of a dragon’s wings,
The hot mist of his breath
swirled down warm around me,
With a shiver of fear I wondered;
If he should notice where
I am hiding quiet here,
What would be the desire
in his eyes of gleaming fire?
Is hungry coldness in his stare,
or something else and curious there?
What strange Madness was to wish for,
love true and magic right,
a yearning for the darkest one,
in the living night?
That I did attempt to call his soul mate,
A tragic kiss of deadly fate,
was then, knows now, but it’s too late!
So there still, I do dwell
having fallen into Hell,
and lifted up in warm embrace,
I didn’t know it by his face;
he was the devil,
I’ve loved him well!


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