she was a CHRYSALIS bursting rockets for exploration
becoming cool, was her high wing’s; uppermost discovery 
begging speed of winds, quickly, in any direction; journeyous atmosphere
asking; calm?, THEMSELVES, as quiet WOULD entreat, brilliantly
vast rebuking, velvet thin, wide, and armlike, unfurled, into azure hue
the fast flying bruise, butterfly flutter, black jet, against, a sky blue ceiling
Lo! to to errant judgement, Woe! to eyes deceived! Is there guilty relation?
The spectrum of, THE AIR ABOVE!, suspiciously matches, part of her!
for signifigantly stated, almost parellel, colored; black and blue; identified!
is glamorized; hazardous! say danger sign warnings; tasted, found; DEADLY!
psycedelic designing is untrue! merely; a glorious tribute to, destructruction of
soft sweet, grass like, night moths, vulnerably luminous; bat eaten and aware!
that PAINLIKE mark, WAS a painted deterrant; to poisonous consumption
for terribly drawn ends, into beauty made, Praise!; the more deftly manifested!
the truth spoken; she was an airplane womb, a super nova, mother star, to nebulas
looking demented, bomblike, acid rain embodied; uglyfaced for warlife, really;
magic nature, turning into, peaceful worlds full, of bad ass, LOOKING, gentle flowers
so, go hamless, slow, your landings on, and, “TO LOVE!”, between, MARIPOSA TRAICIONERA


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