Eye Of the Storm

Hot dirt trails, cracked and miserable

The desire of the desert, begging for tears

Black top roads, that should be as red

As the invisible flames under my feet

I run, I go, because I know

Shadows in the shallows

Of grass friendly ditches

Welcome the weary, all to early

To a forever, cradle for the fallen

A grave to swallow me, in wildflowers

Silk and fresh, like just washed hair

A death nest to rest, remembering

The tangle of old love and mourning

Fragrance best left, to a past done dying for

That couldn’t endure its captivity

Twice a prison, as big its promise

Pitfall of inclinations, and lullabies

I run, I go, because I know

If I slept again, it would only remind me

Of the eye of the storm, in a dream

That chance embrace I was lost in

Until the wild, wind of once, had died

And I would not let another catch me

I run, I go, because I know

Though the sun is unforgiving

I don’t wait in the shade of trees

Begging for a drop of rain, again

False shelter and fear cry for me

Miss, holding my heart hostage

The jealous keepers of souls

And one I leave, in particular

Alone, with his self made cloudImage


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