The Bitter Sea

Mary (Maria); name meaning; sea of bitterness, was the mother of consciousness(God). She was an ocean of dark matter in slow motion that gathered mass, until pressure of gathered weight and material collapsed upon itself. A chain reaction of resounding energy began to move individual elements in a spiraling interaction, where like gathered like, as noble gases, or ignited, in disagreement, creating light. That ever present, creative energetic force, was an unconscious Father of forms, by being the chaos light created, the quickening within the void, the fire in the cosmic sea, that instigates sequences into accord, by reason and rhyme.

Between light and matter, is consciousness born; their sense together, of their eternal song, of their eternal dance, coming together, with able bodied creative intention, to continue to create. The animating force of male influence, upon female matter, is what is made, and us. The light within elemental character, is us. We are that old, we were that cold, and we are that fire. We are a sequential accord, that came together as a planet, that reflects a favored position, gathered in the light of a sun, to reflect the intention we are made by. According to the ways and means, and character we have been provided with, we are intended to be highly self conscious, and are able to sense our own collective soul. Our purpose is to recognize shared purpose, and carry out perpetual creativity, that we are able to perceive, by what we can observe, as working order and balance, that we are connected to, and need to follow. Otherwise, Our Mother, Earth in full bloom of energetic fire, and physical consequence, is reactive, and capable of redirecting, any part of her unbalanced, self conscious order, that is out of control. By whatever means necessary, life in conscious connection and intention, with her, will conduct censorious measures.

We are wanted, as we were created, but degenerative behavior will be resisted. As a method of self correction, the entire planetary environment, landscape, and atmosphere can become more hostile, until a new leaf is able to be turned. Should we be so volatile, as to destroy her entirely, before she could recover, manage us, and continue, or if by any other inward or outward reason, out of order, she is destroyed, all of creation came together to bring her into being and life, and it can again! But what of human form, then?

Some strong influential element has dulled our senses. For no matter how ignorant the lesser equipped beings here, appear, they are in better agreement with creative intention, than we express. Human intuition, that should have developed in equal measure with our other capabilities, has been blighted. Can we, logically, make our way around whatever blocks our intuitive connection to the light of intention, reconcile ourselves to life in this place, help heal what we have harmed, and continue, in conscious agreement with our planetary system?

It is suggested by critical observation, that we display some mechanical construction, upon our being. Whether we are expressing transplanted and spliced genetic material, surgically grafted, into this system, or just mental interference visited upon us, at times, in our own true evolution, or both, the problem indicates a manipulation. It appears that whatever intelligence would conduct this kind of activity, displays the same lack of sense we generally operate with. Certainly, it is within the realm of possibility, that other such beings could have figured out how to do a much better job, of doing worse than us! As makers of tools, I don’t assume we are superior at it, within the universe. As far as mentally transferred misinformation; it would seem to be pointless, unless there was some physical satisfaction planned by it. But practitioners of that sort of capability, just, would not be inclined to go against true creative intention. Anyone who has ever experienced their own intuition, in spite of whatever else has happened, or will happen, is just, overwhelmed, in welcoming light, and harmony with it! The internal sense of eternal well being is power that no man could control, or woman either,

That any entity could possess the power, to misinform our senses, with knowledge of them, and not be possessed by them, for intended purpose, and aim to control being, for selfish intent, does seem strikingly familiar, and reflective of understanding, barely more than what is currently human. In all of creation, what could reach those levels of knowledge, and yet be so depraved as to contrive to subject other life to it, would seem intent on making it slaves. If the same kind of abuse humans visit upon each other, and other life on Earth, and Earth itself, for some perceived need, has occurred, it may be more than ironic! There is a lesson to be learned, by recognizing our own behavior, in a possible outside influence, that would deprive us of our well being, to somehow serve it’s own. Maybe that is the entire point; coming home to roost, in destructive criticism.

What comes around goes around, and we do need to address our own careless consumerism, and irresponsible, disconnected, and imbalanced nature. That any being with any sense, wouldn’t try to impede our progress, having any awareness of that aspect of our being, or sense of us, is illogical. It could be easily recognized as a common stage of development in all things, that is foreseeable, and defenses are designed for, in Nature!

Where that, the ways we attempt to use and make slaves of each other, and whatever else could beguile us, use us, and confuse us, if we stop and think, meditate or pray about it, these things lose their power. There, we can discover our true creative potential, as intended. When we keep our own counsel, and ask our selves, what our own senses are informing us of, and listen to ourselves, and believe in ourselves, and then reach out with inner sense, in search of purest connection, inspired being reaches back. Amid the errant noise of human activity and ignorant misunderstanding, the light speaks inside us, and from light within all things in accord with it, around us. It is a joyful reunion of soul to soul knowing and love, whose intention for form, has come to fruition! As the star dust was seeded, and life grew from it, so are we, music and harmony, gifted, in lowest resonant frequency, pregnant with life, and fit for Light’s purpose.



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