We are mindfully reuniting with the Divinity and Love of our Mother, that is the bodily Spirit we have always been connected to. The one we destroy, that provides and always has, with every living thing, and those that appear as evil.

So that way may recognize in pain, what we have not recognized in joy, that was always Divine, that serves a just lesson, to eternal being, on the sense of life and death, and wakes the will to live, in all beings. Intellect, combined artfully, to bodily form, has been provided by her (the gathered matter we are connected to in It’s sequence) and the lesson, (which can also be defined as expression, or energy) together. We are given respect by it, and appreciation. And we have crucified her, and yet she has lived.

Now we are coming to an understanding, and how some who have understood the system, have not hijacked the domain of a singularly, good God, and copied the pattern in a business like manner, without heart. If they know it, they know; only your Revelation can stop them, and this is how they can justify themselves to themselves, so long as they succeed. They are rewarded as they are, and will be defeated, periodically, and civilizations fall. And so be it, where energy does succeed sluggishly, by all means available to it; as above, so below.

It is time that we recognize between the Earth and the Heavenly space, that we might also see as patience. I have heard Mothers say; “You’re stepping on my last nerve!”. There are a multitude of boots on the ground, so to speak, and that is not just armies. That is the personal, individual militancy, that certain time, and certain engineering do invoke. That is the secret truth, of the “Illuminaughty”. Also, the “Alumninaughty”, that is the large group of New Age, Pagan, Metaphysical, Tin foil hat wearing souls, that society considers Nuts jobs, who have figured it out!! I am one. Get with the program.

Read a little deeper into that Biblical double edged sword (seems more like a saw toothed hack job, where a razor we do a cleaner job, but that’s creativity, I guess), also look into other mythological texts, and in Nature, in general. It gets the job done, and by whoever/whatever, you feel reveals it to ya! They all did to me. I get the sixth sense thing now. 666. How it adds up. Three of this female aspect, and that male aspect.

I haven’t figured out how that translates into elemental order, but I know some Arithmeticians, Scientists, Biologists, Magicians, Religious orders, and social engineers and politicians are doing that. There are numerous leagues of extraordinary ladies and gentlemen, heroes and villains alike, playing the game. Peace and Love. ~ Chelle ~



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