All Life Matters

I believe the current stance of the Standing rock Defenders is having a positive influence across the board, and the way they are setting themselves forward, with utmost honor, in defense of themselves and our Earth, matters to the resolution of many issues at hand! By following their lead, many other and related problems will be helped. The police state response, and the response of law enforcement, that does not reciprocate in even measure will show the truth of the problem. The government response that does not regard activism by these methods, with equal respect and honor, will also show the problems. This is how things will be changed, and matters resolved between all of us. Any behavior below this standard will simply not be tolerated by the entire world in agreement, that is coming to a great unity, and shared purpose! Certain behaviors within humanity will be exposed in this revolutionary moment, and will be corrected. Love and light to all such activism today. ~ Chelle



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