Earth Goddess

Religion has been the Divination of Sovereign Nature since the beginning of humanity. Before we came into being, it had already demonstrated it’s art in diversity, intellect, love, and power. We are called to conform with it. We are not all called to express the same design as we fashion ourselves within it. We are called to express many, with a mutual respect and regard, for each other, as different aspects of Nature, within Nature, and to form in such a way, that we can exist together, in creative balance. The One thing, that we can all agree on, exists, and does provide, reward and censure, and is Divine intervention and Mother Love. ~ Our One, The Earth the Goddess below us, within the multifaceted Nature of the Universe that created this. ~medium_the-sovereignty-of-god-my-counsel-shall-stand-and-i-will-accomplish-all-my-purpose-1


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