The Common Denominator


”Here we find ourselves, suddenly, not in a critical speculation, but in a holy place, and should go very warily and reverently. We stand before the secret of the world, there where Being passes into Appearance, and Unity into Variety.

Let man then learn the revelation of all nature and all thought to his heart; this, namely; that the Highest dwells with him; that the sources of nature are in his own mind.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson






They’re pushing it at the NODAPL demonstrations, trying to push buttons and use what they think they can get away with, to intimidate, without mortally wounding the participants, and they’re already looking like shit! One screw up in their little dance that leads to bloodshed is going to open up a can on them, from a whole lot of society watching, I think. That’s going to get all kinds of attention that won’t serve them, if they’re so stupid! Anyone who thinks making martyrs out of peaceful demonstrators is a good idea, should really think about the melting pot having a melt down. I’m pretty sure they’ve got advisors warning them. It’s like a Rosa Parks thing, but effecting all the colors, on a totally engulfing scale. Anyone who sees this, and doesn’t see how this could be them, regarding any rights they think they can stand up for, will come around. Sometimes people don’t care until it effects them. It is more than just about water. The environment, resources, property, land management, development, education, housing, prejudice, poverty, gun rights, rights to free speech, privacy, spirituality, archaeology, wages, unions, and etc, are all issues anyone might care about, similarly, and be subject to the same methods to shut them up. That is a lot of nerves to be stepping on! The Empire is unwell, and it could be in an awful state of decay. Keep putting it out of our misery, and heal humanity! End the rule of corrupt legislative representation, and uphold and enforce righteous law, or be in Hell, right where you are!




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