Don’t Knock The Baby Steps


If anyone needed a crash course in general knowledge…… Also, any theist perspective is someone else’s answer to a common sense that people felt, and then questioned. It can be understood as divination of experience. People reacted to a stimulation from that which they are connected to. It can be understood in some measure, as much the same as fungi in the roots of a trees communicating. Chemically, perhaps, is the original elemental conversation, like an invisible cord, like intangible genetic switches, like a mist and a mystery, to human beings, who have evolved to to be the most otherwise endowed beings on the planet. And there is more to be understood in natural process, than a sixth sense can provide, deliberately, also, for the sake of other senses to be prompted to attention, and thereby used properly, according to Life’s creative intentions.

Replace the word God with Nature and Life, and look how it speaks in Diversity and how all things are required to understand it’s language, by all means capable, to continue to grow together. This ethereal sense of connection has only been somewhat known, for all anyone’s faith, but also misconstrued, and therefore, disbelieved. In order to act in full comprehension, and not behave in divorced and singular manner, it will continue to intrude, in all the ways it can, until we acknowledge the reality, and reconsider religion, myths, and spirituality, as intuition, that barely concluded, and weren’t meant to.

A sixth sense is real, and it’s a tool for survival. It is Natural mechanics for us to communicate what we sense with each other, for clarification. The chain of events depicted in myth, and by religious Icons, do lead us to evolve in awareness of our connectivity, however powerful their memory excites us, in decline or acceptance. We’re still talking about it. If we stop speaking in the past terms of it, or at all, I am sure Life’s need to be heard will manifest in a way that we can’t ignore.

For now, we’re still working on the science of spirituality, where Theism is a look backwards at ancient understanding, that provoked scientific discovery, by a sense that prompted us to seek deeper knowledge. We go on remembering, some stuck in a past level of understanding, because some truths were revealed, and some benefit was gained by some collective awareness. But because some musings were true, does not mean the entirety of texts, were. The sense is to direct being eternally, to divine at deeper levels in ever changing existence, to provoke, and promote Life, by awareness of connectivity between every level and the source. Backward to forward information travels, as far as we can remember, to as far as we can go, in my opinion.



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