Corporate Supremacy Debunked


When a company has this much resistance to it’s presence or activities, business should stop, and be investigated thoroughly!! DAPL would not even pass, for following the letter of the law in legal procedures, before any kind of ethical practice, or health and welfare debate takes place, that should be absolutely necessary, when there is this much moral outrage!!!

Look at what is happening to these people, for not following the letter of the law, being wrongfully accused of trespassing, compared to what happens to corporations who didn’t follow the exact letter of the law, before construction started! Corporations are not held accountable at all, and have the freedom to continue operating, despite reasonable moral outcry?? These Protectors are just doing their jobs, too, without getting paid for it! You would think the only job we had to do, was what we’re told to, or got paid for, when in fact the most important responsibility we have, is to do what the Protectors are doing!!

Any infraction, anyone could possibly claim, on the part of the Defending body of volunteers, is SECONDARY to the first done by the Nation, repeatedly, from it’s very beginning,  to the Indigenous people it invaded, and practiced land theft and genocide on! THEN, to now, the government’s only interest is in revenue from use of the land and it’s resources! Money is obviously their first priority, because they have favored financial interests, over civil or environmental concerns!

There must be new laws and new rules for the participation of people, and their objections to be heard and respected, enacted immediately, and not held to the timeline of regular legislation! This needs to be done by the President, NOW!! If the government doesn’t start representing morally, wisely, and without bias, this unholy mess is what the future is going to look like, more and more, worse and worse!

Injuring, killing, and incarcerating people demonstrating for their rights, or the health and well being of the environment or society, is not going to make society compliant! People will be prompted, by very real need, to continue to resist, and resist more violently, as the very reasons this demonstration, and others like it, play out, and tell the truth about environmental need and the righteousness of the Protectors!! These people are fighting against the toxic waste being made of the planet! This government hasn’t support them, on any level, and is as shameful as it is repetitive, in historical significance!


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