Far more capable than human beings can wholly perceive and translate into words, is Natural Divinity, which bears witness to every whim of religious or mythological understanding, as true or false, through our own eyes, feelings, and experience. Life reveals the ways to health and well being, as it goes on, beginning and ending, and giving to our understanding, in eternal effort to continue, everywhere in the Universe. Historical traditional belief systems and cultural observances are not at fault for any poetic license, truth, or untruth. It is, and always has been, up to us, to use the grace we have been given, to learn, and to judge for ourselves, what is good for life! Whatever, ever!, has been said against Feminine worth, is unsupportable, clearly, by the evidence of bodily necessity for human life to happen! Where the beauty and wisdom of this or any other birth arrangement is not revered, there should be an instinctive response to an unacceptable threat to Life!! I suggest, if you must cling to the past, consider the god of ancient people’s lesser knowledge, has been waiting for humanity to stand up and and be willing to die, to do the right thing! That would be Nature, conscious Life alive, supporting itself, for the health and well being of itself, against any threat, odds, or even gods, intending as it intends, to work together to survive. How long has humanity survived, by the strength of our Mother Earth, that we are draining, disrespecting, and killing, being so weak minded as to have believed we were entitled to live forever, by some words uttered, while lacking the instincts, empathy and obvious common sense of Life, provided for us to learn from, all around us??

The Last Samhain Supper of the Holy Ghosts: Resurrecting Our Wounded Women.


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