The Elevators Of Soul

14212100_10208919957790420_7865466659659857341_nMy opinion of current events, is that this is the sort of environmental and societal crisis that could yield the mutual support from the entirety of creation, both negative and positive influences. It could be acknowledged as an event horizon, awakening humanity, that all would recognize as “the” one thing, revealing our oneness, responsibility, necessity, and destiny. It may continue until, at last, we all focus on the need, to the smallest bit, and be it so blessed, it might necessarily, also, be serious decline, to achieve that much agreement. Hopefully, we are not completely undone, Earth, and all other life here is maintained in sufficient measure, and we carry on in eternity, with this mark upon us, revealed as improvement expressed! But even scattered molecules carry the signature from source to event to event in reformation. The continuous chain of Life to Life on Earth has broken expressions that we can read like a book. Some of them we can feel in our bones. We know how and why evolutionary changes took place, and reason has been faithful to life, but is not always kind, pointedly. Many parts of this entire body of evidence do bear a sign of our negative impact. I know I don’t want us to go on as signals of a life form that breaks the signal of continuing Life. We could be the generation that is transformed. I hope so, and I appreciate all support and agreement with this, wherever it comes from, whatever else we have in common, or don’t. We could all be a picture of a helping hands, nurturing Mothers, Heavenly Fathers, shepherds of positive changes, and Nature lovers, alive in the tree of life, instead of arrogant demonstrations of the lack of sensitivity that abundance and capability breeds. I think anyone can imagine how that is a bad perpetual message to Creation. That much of mythology, doctrines of ancient beliefs, inspired scripture, and etc., received from any spiritual sense, all indicate a common message delivered to us, for the signal our destructive path is sending, doesn’t surprise me in the least! The eternal universe has all the known ways and forms in it and I consider what unconscious memories we carry from forever. I bet we ain’t the first rodeo riders, that have had all kinds of things coming at them from all directions, because they were kind of clever and had hands, but not enough common sense! Bearing this in mind, I welcome any common interest and intention, by all means. Thank You


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