The Heartsong Of The Wild Journey

Water in us, electricity in us, transmitting the sense of us, from many levels in sensitive frequencies we aren’t  hearing, able to translate, questioning, or believing in, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I suggest that they are very real, and some people are more tuned in to them, than others, just by listening to an “inner voice” with or without further definitions, like God or conscience.

By being very peaceful, loving, and happy receptors, centered in well being, and receivers of good vibrations, they can receive some suggestions that appear to come from outside of themselves. It is recognized commonly, as higher power, and some ascending and descending passages have been indicated about the realm of conscious paths, but that is a directional reference to excellence, I think, and not necessarily describing the matter of actual passage of current, or having any intention to explain this Aspect. I do.

The wilds of electrical correspondence striking us from random being is as able as sense of smell to inform. And though we have apparently tuned in, to some degree, but without understanding the process, it hasn’t been entirely helpful. A number of mental states of disorder, are probably responses to the language of the noise, in persons made hyper sensitive by the chemistry of pain, injury, or birth deformity, making all these things rather blessed, for bringing something possible to my attention, anyway.

It would seem as if, for all the time and money spent, we have not even begun the journey of discovering what is really going on, the depths of a common sense, and connectivity, and how it is effecting our judgement and behavior positively or negatively, in my opinion. According to a natural plan, we could serve life more empathetically, evolving from the error of our inability to recognize and decipher conscience as the sense of what is around us. We could be healed, and heal the damage we have done. We could ascend to the state of perception that serves life, equal to the form we are gifted with, able to discern responsibility, and transcend according to intended purpose, happily!

As for adventure; it all goes on, with all the usual characters always present; the discoveries, the excitement of the hunt, and the likelyhood of the desire for one-upmanship. This knowledge might also help an adversary, but love helps love, and we have our own, better equipped; come what may!

If between the emotion and response falls a shadow, and we didn’t see it coming a mile away, standing together, with hearts full of joyous music, and the hunter takes us, we were not hollow, and our song goes on and on; the sound of light into the shade of every heavenly body.  We are The People Of The Journey.



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