Leigh Lines To No Specific, Pacific Paradise




Think about life being water and electricity, and roots and trees as conductive as, and filled with the metals of this Earth, growing out of her, if some backward thinking arsholes don’t fuck it up, these bridges could bring life and water to worlds, and not just some warped bits of information to our senses! Mind talk, Inspired thought, by the electrical and other energy forces, pales in consideration to what gifts these talents could bring! there’s a worthy purpose for people to consider, if they aren’t too self satisfied with their ignorant predicament, making slaves. Be a slave to tomorrow’s plans! Slave to Love! Slave only in electrical terms. Electrified, organic and chemical growth from a planet? Are you a scifi reader? I know many here, are. This true possibility, would be such a gift to somewhere else seeking us! An actual worthy purpose and a wonder!380e209f6fc401befc4933baa765d9ffimages (1)13958096_1059825410799855_1115596045736019755_oDragon Loversfairy-11dancing_fairy_throw_blankets_covers59392_548464288501735_304926496_nlove smoke22785_10204383546888635_7246371198471814140_nth_CAT22785_10204383546888635_7246371198471814140_nimages (21)

The girl’s name Leigh \le(i)-gh\, can also used as boy’s name Leigh, is a variant of Leah (Hebrew) and Lee (Old English), and the meaning of Leigh is “delicate; weary; meadow or pasture”. Old English meaning “sheltered place or meadow”.




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