Facebook Facts Happen, As well as foolishness, with or without either or humor, but never as well, as well is with LOVE

Good Morning to people visiting my page! https://www.facebook.com/Sunnybirdfood/?ref=page_internal
With this link, I should like to broach the subject of Love, life style patterns, inner and environmental influences, and the imaginative sense that reveals all healing that can be done without surgical implementation. Which is obviously, another subject, but bears relating, in how to face upcoming surgeries, or heal from necessary past ones. Everything has a mindful and logical list of things to be checked off, in investigation. (Scientific understanding of any emotional and logical matter.)
If nothing else could help, and there was no other help, for whatever the case may be, love would help. Are you rich enough, and are we endowed with equal right to care, without it costing us our room and board, necessities? No. Political point score! Economic reasons and emotional reasons, show their faces in exchange to the point! LOVE is not a certain unalienable right. Are we loved, loving, each other and ourselves enough? Is there equanimity provided, by economic situations beyond our control, in this political arrangements? Are there are enough charitable means, if we can’t reign in the governmental focus, to proper social reflection of core value that supports societal health and well being?
There is Samaritanism in every day life. Meanwhile, You have to love yourself enough, to seek your own comfort. There are mindful helpers in your personal picture, I hope. By any path, in any path, and place, find them in your relations, community, online, and faith healing providers. You know yourself, what appeals. Don’t isolate yourself, our allow yourself to be isolated, save from any abuse you recognize as an impediment to you socializing with any positive connections you make.
All things entertaining, are helpful in their measure, and mind that you can become addicted to any of them. Personally I would explore; that any you could become overly attached to, could kill you, or make you stronger. There is a well rounded diet of healthier pursuits, but they are not any freer than they are, or available. Freebies, are the best!! Self interests can catch you up, and redirect you along many creative pursuits. Focus on anything helpful that you notice! All that, bathing, reading, nature, art, music, imagery in self conversation, is magic that tends toward seeking out the right “others”, where you will find people to converse with, that “get” you, and can inform you of how they get on, get by, and better. There may be love in it, friendships made in it, and their solutions may be yours, or something that you would divert from, that you learned from knowing.
When you find what seems to help you, be it homeopathic, professionally prescribed, chemistry on your biological self, or it’s a mater of an intellectual, political, creatively social or introverted artistic behavior, or exercise and activity program, explore any according to your own personal taste and sense, of, “‘Better?”! Practice good self examination, and try to implement necessary changes, following your own intel and dreams, as best you can.
Be spiritually sure that this isn’t your eternal moment, there is no question of any life being worthy. Hold society and government to account, for their control of what appears self evident, and at least love yourself, in any instance! We all share in a cure for all of our ills. It shouldn’t be that I don’t love you or me, because I’m not rich enough to love enough. HERE is the glaring regard between us. Be not your own worst stupidity, against an army of stupidty. You be the cleverest, and love yourself, for life’s own sake! Represent your own inner most beastial amoeba, elegantly, and show better form, if that’s where we are in that whole bag of chips! LOL As above so below or wherever, forever we are, as ever eternity is; what was and whatever mystery about it, anything in it, will always be a part of it. Life goes on, but be a part of it today! Yay! 🙂There is tremendous possibilities and you can definitely try to be whatever you want to be! Well timed, I am sure!
That is belief in the redeeming quality, value, possibilities, the reason, and reason for, Life we endure, to life we adore! Take that knowledge away with you, today! Weeeee!, and we laugh and laugh, and shoop and holla, Aloha! AHOooooo :-*
To always try to make it all a little better, wherever you have left it behind, in case it’s for your own soul particles to come back into, is a damn good deal. 😉Loving others as yourself is what helpers do.
Whatever predicament we are in directs the entirety to recognize the second person, as immeasurably needing your love, somehow, and loving yourself just as much, in spite of any exchange. May you always move closer to who helps you, in this reality, in all your living days, giving love to love, in living colors you meet, until it’s return to spirituality. Come what may, may we merrily meet again! As will I; Merrily go on trying, with this in mind:
Is it my self talk, or my situation, making me unwell? Is it the people who I am associating with? From me; I wish you, peace from your pain, in your head, heart, body and soul! In many circles we are gathered with this TRUTH IN THE UNITED PATHS, sharing our experiences, thoughts, words, deeds, and Love. Blessed be You, Bless your heart, and I hope this brightens your day, helps you feel the joy in life and your own coinciding, and healing! I’m pleased to help, and thankful for the opportunity!! ~ ~


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