TRUE GREATNESS Comes from the heart

Well, we need this Muppet to have his day, not his way! I want to expedite the necessary legal proceedings against him and commence!; concerning the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY he is committing! AND also, ALL THOSE WHO WILL NOT STAND DOWN FROM THEIR TREASONOUS ACTIVITY, IMMEDIATELY||!!

Why can’t we hold our judiciary system to account, or demand their responsibility, and shouldn’t they be prepared to not only stand for it, but act of their own accord for it, OR face charges their own selves!? These jobs of the highest order, must exact a price for breakage, and our laws reflecting this, are not the problem!  It IS that these laws are not being upheld, around the three ring circus, that our leaders, from every specialized direction, for the sake of the civility , ARE CHARGED TO protect.

OH YEAH, making The United states great for a long time now, except it’s looking more and more like the Garbage Patch kids in office, and it’s a Dupe! Oath of office was intended as giving your life for and to the protection of the place and people, like knights of old, in modern sense. These fools give up nothing, are not held accountable, they lie, and care barely enough to hold their shit together at best, and usually it’s obvious, what they care about.

People are just going to let them get away with their pretense, let themselves be beaten by “Da Rules” and unnecessary austerity and resistrictions falsely put upon them, buy this possy of dictators; The POSERS AND THE PUSSY GRABBER? These gobshites have broken constitutional laws, for more of their GOAL MINING for profit, off other people’s places and resources, and using THAT business to rake it in FOR the national treasury?? THAT IS BENT! And that’s not enough; they’ll shake the serfs down for anything extra they have, and talk about NEEDS?? WTF!

The SWEET LAND that stands for FREEDOM, that WELCOMES the people born into her, or answers the need of people who are asking for LADY LIBERTY to rescue them and give them REFUGE, demands of you now, to pay your own way, and it is her turn to extract her measure of your REMORSE!! THIS!; is HER REPREMAND! It’s supposed to be a civilization building concept, growing RIGHTFUL CIVILITY, that shares the OLD GLORY, the LAND that provides the milk and honey, that breathes beneath the feet of the other NATIONAL TREASURE, The PEOPLE, who also pledge themselves to each other, and LIFE to THE LADY LIBERTY here, on EARTH!

I hold the LIES of the government to be QUITE self evident, in the pillaging, raking, oil sucking, and mining at home and abroad, Like SLAVE MINDERS, with some BigBang sticks, mind fucks, droning on and on, with no respect or true regard for lands, laws, people, or future lives! THIS IS A CEASE AND DESIST ORDER to end ruthless abandon, to stash some cash, make some more, and keep it all! For what?? Some to luxuriate themselves, and others to wish?

Charge them with treason! ALL who are guilty MUST PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE WITH THEIR LIVES AS THEY PROMISED TO. BEGINNING NOW, restore life to life as your own, with your service, or spend the rest of this life IN JAIL!! That is the seriousness of your crime! Do it here, or there will be THIS HELL you have created, and it’s PAYBACK TIME!!!! RESPECT! And there better BE SPARKLY CLEAN WATER to clean your act up, and straighten up, and FLY RIGHT. Not your planes, your fucking Bombs, THE FLAG for all the *****little stars you sacrificed*****!! THE BABES! Emelia Mccord Could you please second me, and we’ll get OUR OWN Prayer Salute going on! It’s GOING to be MASSIVE! ALL AROUND THE WORLD! AHO!!!


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