Reinformed Spiritual And Social Behavior

We’ve got the never ending political commentary, claiming to supposedly drink from certain spiritual leanings. There are apparent deep beliefs, where doctrines demand authoritative control of humanity at large, or less extreme decree that professes to endow only those blessed followers, gathered, with a righteous direction and conclusion.

Under such galvanized faith, separatist competitions lead to many false conclusions of supreme ways of being, brought about by victorious members of surviving humanity, that simply had greater numbers, more voice, or strength, than empathy or intellect.

Before human beings or faith on earth, Life flourished by demonstrated successful adaptations, in variable conditions, into an amazing and diverse coexistence. As a body, made aware of different parts of a body, and experiencing Nature, all parts became conscious of their own design, and Nature’s patterns to continue, or reform.

In my opinion, now is the time to do just, that! Review imaginative perceptions, archetypes, metaphors, and Holy books. Examine any professed, ancient, Divine communication received, with all sense of spiritual connection, in modernity. Recognize their origins arose from humanity trying to understand and learn about Nature, and in the beginning, Nature was their Creator, described imaginatively, as they learned and perceived things. Any Creation since is a Co-creator, as that is how growing consciousness and continuing life works, here, and anywhere in the universe.

People need to reform their view that some ancient wisdom was going to provide the details of how to conduct every aspect of their everyday lives, and stop trying to find an easy way out, of the intended way we are meant, obviously, to have to keep figuring things out, with the entirety around and beneath us, that is the fluidity of the truly Divine! Natural Divinity possesses common sense, and isn’t some figurative statue, concerned with ensuring that human wit goes static, and we spend eons pontificating in rants, and raves, about the long past, with an egotistical flair for the dramatic!

When it comes to excuses for various forms of extreme violence or more passive aggression, animals don’t make them. That’s the difference between us and them. The blessing for them is that they don’t feel bad, acting only according to basic need and instincts. We are not within the Grace of Nature for going beyond need, or for using supremacist excuses to not cooperate or survive with as much concern and information as we have the capacity to. This love and knowledge came with this bodily form for a reason. If there is any saving Grace, it would reflect this, including anyone who has, to the best of their ability, in any way, wouldn’t it? Why argue, what could be celebrated? Certainly, why use any aspect of the spirit of the matter to the detriment of others, or make claims by any spirit, in arrogance, that would separate what life works to entwine and progress??

I would look, listen, and consider, the truth that weighs in any path or practice. Whatever circumstance made them popular, or forced them to be excepted, often reflect something that goes on elsewhere in Nature. When I commune with Nature in this meditative way, I fall upon what the best any scientific discovery or religion can offer, I presume. We know more, and we can help or hurt more. Are we grateful, or are we hateful? Well, I like the place, and there’s a lot to love. Peace!


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