The Heartsong Of The Wild Journey

Water in us, electricity in us, transmitting the sense of us, from many levels in sensitive frequencies we aren’t  hearing, able to translate, questioning, or believing in, doesn’t mean they aren’t real. I suggest that they are very real, and some people are more tuned in to them, than others, just by listening to an “inner voice” with or without further definitions, like God or conscience.

By being very peaceful, loving, and happy receptors, centered in well being, and receivers of good vibrations, they can receive some suggestions that appear to come from outside of themselves. It is recognized commonly, as higher power, and some ascending and descending passages have been indicated about the realm of conscious paths, but that is a directional reference to excellence, I think, and not necessarily describing the matter of actual passage of current, or having any intention to explain this Aspect. I do.

The wilds of electrical correspondence striking us from random being is as able as sense of smell to inform. And though we have apparently tuned in, to some degree, but without understanding the process, it hasn’t been entirely helpful. A number of mental states of disorder, are probably responses to the language of the noise, in persons made hyper sensitive by the chemistry of pain, injury, or birth deformity, making all these things rather blessed, for bringing something possible to my attention, anyway.

It would seem as if, for all the time and money spent, we have not even begun the journey of discovering what is really going on, the depths of a common sense, and connectivity, and how it is effecting our judgement and behavior positively or negatively, in my opinion. According to a natural plan, we could serve life more empathetically, evolving from the error of our inability to recognize and decipher conscience as the sense of what is around us. We could be healed, and heal the damage we have done. We could ascend to the state of perception that serves life, equal to the form we are gifted with, able to discern responsibility, and transcend according to intended purpose, happily!

As for adventure; it all goes on, with all the usual characters always present; the discoveries, the excitement of the hunt, and the likelyhood of the desire for one-upmanship. This knowledge might also help an adversary, but love helps love, and we have our own, better equipped; come what may!

If between the emotion and response falls a shadow, and we didn’t see it coming a mile away, standing together, with hearts full of joyous music, and the hunter takes us, we were not hollow, and our song goes on and on; the sound of light into the shade of every heavenly body.  We are The People Of The Journey.



The Elevators Of Soul

14212100_10208919957790420_7865466659659857341_nMy opinion of current events, is that this is the sort of environmental and societal crisis that could yield the mutual support from the entirety of creation, both negative and positive influences. It could be acknowledged as an event horizon, awakening humanity, that all would recognize as “the” one thing, revealing our oneness, responsibility, necessity, and destiny. It may continue until, at last, we all focus on the need, to the smallest bit, and be it so blessed, it might necessarily, also, be serious decline, to achieve that much agreement. Hopefully, we are not completely undone, Earth, and all other life here is maintained in sufficient measure, and we carry on in eternity, with this mark upon us, revealed as improvement expressed! But even scattered molecules carry the signature from source to event to event in reformation. The continuous chain of Life to Life on Earth has broken expressions that we can read like a book. Some of them we can feel in our bones. We know how and why evolutionary changes took place, and reason has been faithful to life, but is not always kind, pointedly. Many parts of this entire body of evidence do bear a sign of our negative impact. I know I don’t want us to go on as signals of a life form that breaks the signal of continuing Life. We could be the generation that is transformed. I hope so, and I appreciate all support and agreement with this, wherever it comes from, whatever else we have in common, or don’t. We could all be a picture of a helping hands, nurturing Mothers, Heavenly Fathers, shepherds of positive changes, and Nature lovers, alive in the tree of life, instead of arrogant demonstrations of the lack of sensitivity that abundance and capability breeds. I think anyone can imagine how that is a bad perpetual message to Creation. That much of mythology, doctrines of ancient beliefs, inspired scripture, and etc., received from any spiritual sense, all indicate a common message delivered to us, for the signal our destructive path is sending, doesn’t surprise me in the least! The eternal universe has all the known ways and forms in it and I consider what unconscious memories we carry from forever. I bet we ain’t the first rodeo riders, that have had all kinds of things coming at them from all directions, because they were kind of clever and had hands, but not enough common sense! Bearing this in mind, I welcome any common interest and intention, by all means. Thank You

The Unbearables

All experience serves Life, and informs all connected parts. Whatever doesn’t wind up as beneficial to health and well being is rearranged in knowing eternity.  It seems like a lot of confusion and ill fitting, erroneous attempts, sometimes, but that’s just things working out. It all goes on and on, in endless creativity evolving into balanced functioning parts of all sorts, and us going from misunderstanding to understanding.

The journey across the bridge into different traditional life ways, their expectations, language barriers, and cultural diversity has been fraught with mistakes. It hasn’t appeared as peace making, and seems evermore unwelcome, as human population increasingly stirs itself into a frenzy. But think of the same thing happening in the greater universe, carrying out the same task with everything, all the time! The brilliance of all this coming together is amazing! We can judge for ourselves, and often see good born from the worst of instances, looking back, and also some good intentions that were totally manipulated to serve selfish purposes.

Jargon and language nuances can be a nuisance, and translations of completely foreign tongues are easily misconstrued, for innocent or predatory reasons. It comes to mind that the natural defense these differences create, surely prompts humanity to be more clever and rely on other observations, in all their interactions with each other and the rest of Nature. All sounds and verbal communications can be as deceptive as anything can, but an agreement by all senses, informs better. In fact, communication by intentional concentration, that senses the chemical, vibrational frequencies passing signals around us, and intuits from them, is conceptually God, that we have anthropomorphized, being struck by Natural understanding.

Oddly enough, these conversations could deceive people, or tell the truth, the same as people do. Both can lie and both can offer a poison apple. The suggestion is, that common sense is a lot more than a casual happenstance, that some people, and only people have, but isn’t necessary for survival. It’s actually the whole self conscious Life form reconciling contradictions, by communication and reaction. We know now, trees communicate necessary information by chemical signals through a fungal network, and other plants, similarly.

The rest of this system, commonly believed to be less self conscious, or not conscious at all, communicates and cooperates better than we do!

People might expect some mixed signals and false directions from Divinity, in recognition of what actual Divinity is, for their selfish behavior, that designates them as a threat to Nature. But some people could be identified as being more sensitive and considerate, too, and be gifted with truer messages, and have help from Nature as healers, to assist us to be more cooperative. Everything works for complex coordination.

There’s a well orchestrated plan working relative parts, with definitive measures of self control. We are at war with each other, having a negative impact on Nature, and having little or no regard otherwise, in many irresponsible ways. What abundant provision hasn’t brought to sense, poison, starvation, and disease, can reconcile. We’ll come to accord with the rest of Nature by all means, by all Nature, maintaining the balance and stability of the connected entirety of itself. Earth having formed in conducive space, is a host to Life that has been self conscious enough to continue growing and changing this way, long before us.

Regardless of all creation accounts and stories of a garden called Eden, I only know now, for sure. From the beginning I can surely sense only enduring conscious intention, and applied logic, that I couldn’t logically credit any one part with. Curious attempts to sense and seek direct or indirect communication, by any way imaginable in diverse possibility, has undoubtedly been direction, intervention, and reductive tactic, by Nature, not nearly as self defenseless as humanity is inclined to assume. The word Almighty is actually two words; all mighty, that has long been a clever conductor, that has arranged us within a gathering agreement that has always been, and always is. The only human hands in this development I’m sure of, are our own, right now. I’m equally sure that we will be informed by all means, that we are not superior to the rest of Life, because we have them. We will coexist or a transformation will take place, because as we are, we are not bearable.


Far more capable than human beings can wholly perceive and translate into words, is Natural Divinity, which bears witness to every whim of religious or mythological understanding, as true or false, through our own eyes, feelings, and experience. Life reveals the ways to health and well being, as it goes on, beginning and ending, and giving to our understanding, in eternal effort to continue, everywhere in the Universe. Historical traditional belief systems and cultural observances are not at fault for any poetic license, truth, or untruth. It is, and always has been, up to us, to use the grace we have been given, to learn, and to judge for ourselves, what is good for life! Whatever, ever!, has been said against Feminine worth, is unsupportable, clearly, by the evidence of bodily necessity for human life to happen! Where the beauty and wisdom of this or any other birth arrangement is not revered, there should be an instinctive response to an unacceptable threat to Life!! I suggest, if you must cling to the past, consider the god of ancient people’s lesser knowledge, has been waiting for humanity to stand up and and be willing to die, to do the right thing! That would be Nature, conscious Life alive, supporting itself, for the health and well being of itself, against any threat, odds, or even gods, intending as it intends, to work together to survive. How long has humanity survived, by the strength of our Mother Earth, that we are draining, disrespecting, and killing, being so weak minded as to have believed we were entitled to live forever, by some words uttered, while lacking the instincts, empathy and obvious common sense of Life, provided for us to learn from, all around us??

The Last Samhain Supper of the Holy Ghosts: Resurrecting Our Wounded Women.

Corporate Supremacy Debunked


When a company has this much resistance to it’s presence or activities, business should stop, and be investigated thoroughly!! DAPL would not even pass, for following the letter of the law in legal procedures, before any kind of ethical practice, or health and welfare debate takes place, that should be absolutely necessary, when there is this much moral outrage!!!

Look at what is happening to these people, for not following the letter of the law, being wrongfully accused of trespassing, compared to what happens to corporations who didn’t follow the exact letter of the law, before construction started! Corporations are not held accountable at all, and have the freedom to continue operating, despite reasonable moral outcry?? These Protectors are just doing their jobs, too, without getting paid for it! You would think the only job we had to do, was what we’re told to, or got paid for, when in fact the most important responsibility we have, is to do what the Protectors are doing!!

Any infraction, anyone could possibly claim, on the part of the Defending body of volunteers, is SECONDARY to the first done by the Nation, repeatedly, from it’s very beginning,  to the Indigenous people it invaded, and practiced land theft and genocide on! THEN, to now, the government’s only interest is in revenue from use of the land and it’s resources! Money is obviously their first priority, because they have favored financial interests, over civil or environmental concerns!

There must be new laws and new rules for the participation of people, and their objections to be heard and respected, enacted immediately, and not held to the timeline of regular legislation! This needs to be done by the President, NOW!! If the government doesn’t start representing morally, wisely, and without bias, this unholy mess is what the future is going to look like, more and more, worse and worse!

Injuring, killing, and incarcerating people demonstrating for their rights, or the health and well being of the environment or society, is not going to make society compliant! People will be prompted, by very real need, to continue to resist, and resist more violently, as the very reasons this demonstration, and others like it, play out, and tell the truth about environmental need and the righteousness of the Protectors!! These people are fighting against the toxic waste being made of the planet! This government hasn’t support them, on any level, and is as shameful as it is repetitive, in historical significance!



Backward and forward our soul sends

Around and through us our thread mends

Breath sews longing songs on star winds

The embrace and sigh of impulse rings

With the trembling search of heart strings

Stretching forward in a dance upon night

Our Scrying reach sings light to light

Around and through us our thread mends

Backward and forward our soul sends

To heal the circle and turn the wheel

Our Rites of passage, so more, we feel

As a meeting bridge of longing message

To complete the circle and turn the wheel

The dead can dance and all things heal

As whispering dust in the song of tides

That weaves us new by the light it rides